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My dude Hiroller is releasing his dope concept mixtape “The Premonition” tomorrow and this is the first leak…Blog “Entry” He also left this message in my inbox for you guys. And shout outs to PCE for the crazy bbq!

I wanna present to you the first “official” leak off of my mixtape “The Premonition” which is out tomorrow on About a month ago i sat down with my partner and planned how we would approach the internet leading into the release of this mixtape. This would be my grand entry on to the blog scene and i wanted to do it correctly. So we thought to release some records just to show how much skills i really have and to generate some kind of interest for my music leading up to the tape. We comprised a grand list of all of the emails of a ton of blogs and went about the process of sending the music to every blog out there. I figured it would be easy since i felt i was better than alot of rappers that are relevant today but it isn’t easy at all. I kinda noticed that alot of bloggers dont check all of their email mainly because they get so much of it. so as a “new” rapper you get over looked sometimes. Most would give up or try to compromise themselves to get where they need to be but me i kinda like this position right now. Here’s why, you see my mixtape has been finished for nearly a month now. it was actually finished before i sent music to any blog. So its kinda like i saw what’s happening now happening before it did, Hows that for a premonition. On the track i’m releasing today i have a line where i rap “i ain’t even got nahright lite behind me, i just send my shit thru and they dont reply me, then they post charles hamilton, mad grimy”. I look at it as me bloggin just via audio, its not a diss. The ill part is it was written before i sent any music to anyone. Now that i have though there are just days you feel you send out a good record and it’s doesnt get acknowledged like it should, I’m sure many upcoming rappers can agree. As for me right now i’m just sticking to making good music and waiting on my time. This mixtape is for all of the blogs that embraced me out of the gate (i’m happy i can almost say its too many to list which means someone’s listening and i appreciate that). I think its a very well put together mixtape. I wanted you to be able to see my dream and this is where my dream starts…Blog “Entry” which is scene #2 from “The Premonition”…Thanks and Keep Supporting

oh yeh and thats The artifacts – wrong side of the tracks instrumental <<<<

Download Blog “Entry”

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