“B.M.O.R. (Bernie Made Off Rap)”
& “Whatever” – Hiroller

PMD alum Hiroller hit our mailbox today and laced us with these two tracks. If you are not familiar with this Brooklyn emcee, take the time out to familiarize yourself. It’s worth it!

Greetings Goat,Trose, Fresh
Today, I have a track that is produced by Ray Tracks with whom I’ve been working with for the last 5 years.  We’ve always had good chemistry and this track is an example of that.  I’ve actually been sitting with this beat for a few years because I wanted to come up with the right concept and not just use it because it was hot.  Then recently it hit me, the sample is saying “Holiday” so I started thinkin about days off, I know weird LOL.  So that’s where the hook came from I wanted to let the sample breathe but build around it in a smart way.  So I say ” This what I do on my days off, this what I do in a daze off, this what I do wit my days off” but the key was finishing the hook off.  I’m the type of dude that doesn’t believe in days off wholeheartedly because you should always be doing something to better yourself.  Me personally I’m always working on music and if not I’m planning my next move. That’s where the Bernie madoff line comes from and I used that idea to build the verses.  The ultimate plan is to get made off rap but you have to have a scheme or plan so to speak.  This is mine, Creative Music.  Oh yeah and a bunch of slick lines also.  Let me know what u think.
Due remember my new concept mixtape The Premonition will be available for free download August 4th!!!!

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Download “B.M.O.R. (Bernie Made Off Rap)” | “Whatever”
Also, check out his new home, www.iamhiroller.com

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