“Heartache” – J. Cole

Heart Ache

It’s only a few days away my Dukes. My dude J. Cole decided to leak another banger off The Warm Up today. Here’s what he had to say about it.

It’s almost here man. Shout out to Alex Haldi on the cover, he also did the cover for “The Come Up” that I loved so much. Hit yall with the track list later this week. I think I’ll drop 2 joints today, one that made the cut and later on I’ll put out some shit that won’t be on the “mixtape”(somebody will come up with a better word one of these days). This is produced by Elite, you might be able to tell from how epic the shit sounds. As a producer I find myself being in amazement over of his drums. Like how did you do that? For the record I prefer you to hear the project in it’s entirety rather than leaking joints, but it’s necessary.

Enjoy – Cole

“Heartache” – J. Cole

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The Warm Up to “The Warm Up” Part 1

Last Friday night the PMD crew (well not really a crew just Me, Trose & Carter G went through to Allido Records to check Fayetteville’s own J. Cole. With some Grey Goose, Coronas (My Fave), Stella Artois in tow we bumped The Warm Up (which is certified the mixtape of the year) and eventually got around to do an interview. Cole himself gives you the meaning behind The Warm Up, his aspirations for legacy in the rap game and more. We broke this interview into four quarters like ball. First Quarter above, 2nd after the jump.

Side Note Cole will be leaking a track today that will be on The Warm Up called “Heartache”.
Produced by Elite

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Poison Pen – BK’s Fat Boy

Poison Pen, aka Bed-Stuy’s Best Buy, performs ‘BK’s Fat Boy’ on Dollar Van Demos. Check DVC as they drive through Brooklyn or look them up on youtube.

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Max B. Found Guilty on 9 of 11 Charges


Damn man, this picture explains it all man. Charles Wingate bka Max B. was found guilty of 9 of 11 charges today. Hip Hop Stan reports Max B’s verdict was announced just moments ago in the Bergen County Court House. He along with his brother were found guilty on 9 out of 11 counts. Max B. was detained immediately. His sentencing date is set for July 30, 2009. Witnesses state Max B. kept his head up and “took his verdict like a man”. He did not break down once and remained strong through the entire verdict. His attorney plans to appeal the verdict. Max B. has released a statement exclusively to HipHopStan

Thanks for all the support. Don’t forget about me. I’ll be back out there again, giving ya the music ya wanna here”. – Max B.

Grand Cru all day today man…

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The Mind of Mustafa: A Web Docu-Series – MeLo-X

My dude MeLo just shot this out at 4:50am, you know we don’t sleep! Here is the trailer to his new venture which documents all this MeLo-X. Big Ups!

Via MeLo-X TV

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Big Pooh – The Comeback x The Release


Mos Def Performs “Quiet Dog” On David Letterman

Gonna document my journey to whichever big store is left. The Ecstatic coming tomorrow my Dukes, my late review Thursday.

Via YN

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iHipHop Exclusive Video Interview: J. Cole


Max B’s Trial: “Walk The Plank”

I never want to go back Innnnnnn! Cant confine the wave! “NR”