“Death of Autotune” (Web Rip) – Jay-Z

Jay-Z D.O.A.

Yea I was bored and made this image for this post. Yea I had the computer set to rip this off Hot 97′s stream the second it was available. Yea I smell like a ram goat. Yea you reading this, why wouldn’t you. Ha!

Download “Death of Autotune” (Web Rip) – Jay-Z

Update: Added Hot 97: Jay-Z calls in after debuting “D.O.A.”

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Star & Buc Wild: The Greatest Ball Player

Star continues his defiant campaign to educate others on the greatest professional basketball player of all time! What’s your opinion?

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Friday F*ckery: Tracy Morgan Schoolin’ You

Here’s a clip my dude sent to me today that had me in semi stitches. This 10 minutes clip from the movie “Totally Awesome” is said to be the only good part. Here Tracy Morgan teaches this guy how to be cool.


Pharrell Unfolds The Secret Behind Susan Boyle

Pharrell Williams speaks on the state of the record label, Susan Boyle, and where he feels music is going. Listen on as Rest In Beats’ hangs out at the 2009 Billboard/AdWeek Music & Advertising Conference in NYC.

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“This The Shit That I Live” – Trick Daddy
Very Direct Shots At Rick Ross

Trick Daddy

Well Trick Daddy has decided to finally address the Rick Ross situation. Looks like he just wants to shoot it out on wax or in the streets.

I’ll shoot up yo whole lil’ set / Wet up your ’04 Maybach”

Yea, let’s wait for the response. Who want’s to bet the beat is better than the lyrics.

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Angie Martinez Interviews Jadakiss

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Skyzoo @ POW! Radio

Skyzoo going in over a few cuts. Dude is dope holla at us my duke!


Pyramid West Interview Clipse

Malice and Pusha T to discuss the very 1st single they released on a major label entitled, “The Funeral” off of their very 1st album Exclusive Audio Footage. The Clipse also discuss their Pen Game, the key to their success, their clothing line “Play Cloths”, and their forthcoming album, Till the Casket Drops, and Malice’s book.

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Kurupt & Quik Talk Gang Bangin x Music

Kurupt & Quik talk about the early days in there careers up to the fruition of Blaqkout.

Via Double R

Update: Added a second interview from Hip Hop Official after the jump

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News Stories: Leroy Smith Exposed (1/4)

Yo this is Comedy! Visit Get You Basketball On

I am the master motivator. The “Mastervator”. Who else could claim that?”

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