Joe Budden Up Close & Personal Part 1
Responding to Meth and Busta

Now I love the “beef” in Hip Hop and hopefully some real lyrical jabs are thrown. But I can’t help but sigh because it always seems like Joe Budden says something then plays victim somehow in the situation. Anyway the ever eloquent Miss Info ;) and my dude Exec Nick teamed up for a series of interviews to talk about the current fiasco.

In this first episode, Joe speaks on “rival emcees,” and actually listens to Method Man and Busta Rhymes’ comments from a few weeks ago….Then Joey warns of a lyrical reaction that he has in the stash….

I have a response to him, but my response gets under peoples skin…when I talk it bothers people, and I have a response, that if I said, he would really wanna put hands on me.

In the words of Joey “Ughhhhhhhhhhh”

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One Response to “Joe Budden Up Close & Personal Part 1
Responding to Meth and Busta”

  1. S. Mathis Says:
    June 4th, 2009 at 10:46 am

    This was just strange. It had that up close and personal thing, but the interview wasnt profound enough to warrant such a heavy feel. Joe BUDDENS has a right to his opinion so long as he is willing to back it up. METH is flat out one of the biggest disappointments/wastes of talent ever. He should have had a better career considering his start. He sounded very old on Power 105 with the whole ‘I’m not a battle rapper alibi.’ He needed to just drop a hot 16 on BUDDENs to shot him the f@#k up. Instead of retreating to the radio station. BUDDEN’s is getting priceless PMD coverage (ha).

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