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Warm Up Studio Session With J. Cole

On a Random Wednesday night after seeing “The Toxic Avenger” musical (pause), I went over to the studio to get up with J. Cole. That night I heard about 98% of “The Warm Up” my Dukes. Can’t wait for the mixtape to drop (June 15th) so everyone can get familiar. Shout out to Ib, Elite, Diz & the whole Dreamville. The second clip is sponsored by Corona, Heineken and Guinness after the jump LOL.

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“Dayless Nite” – K’Naan

K' Naan

K’ Naan jacks Kid Cudi’s track and adds an ill tale of pirate affairs to the melancholy single. You might have to rewind this one my Dukes.

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Star & Buc Talk Summer Beef

Star & Buc look to stir the pot this Summer and make the Hip Hop beefs brew. Yeaaaha!!!

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Video: “Simba” – J. Cole

I’m a master of the beats and the rhymes / I’m rhyming for the freaks and the dimes / And I shine like a muf$%#@ diamond, you shine like a muf$%#@ dime that’s word to my momma.”

Cole Coming!

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