The Follow Up: J. Cole

J. Cole

I know I’ve been posting a lot of J. Cole lately but were on the beginning of the getting to know you phase. This interview takes a different look at Roc Nation’s new signee. Instead of asking the same question Elle chose to take a different path and speak to Cole about why he chose this path and what makes him tick. Really great read, if you cant take my word for it just read it your self. A brief piece of “The Follow Up”

What do you creatively want now?

I want to make a classic album. If I don’t sell two copies, I still want it to be a classic. In the meantime I want to set up a solid foundation of fans – and not just the Internet. The Internet can be deceiving. While it’s important, you can think you’re the man but when you’re album drops – nothing happens. I’d rather be one of those artists where people get up on how classic my album is like with Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt. You know how people always lie and act like they were up on it in ’96?

For the record Cole, my old @$$ knew about Reasonable Doubt since ’96

Click here for The Follow Up: J. Cole

Side Note: J. Cole will be performing alongside Wale & Colin Monroe Thurs. Nite at Le Poisson Rouge NYC. Be there or be square

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