Throwback Thursdays: “Just Be Straight With Me”
Silkk The Shocker Feat. Master P & Destinys Child

I can’t front when I was on my South binge I copped nearly every No Limit album out. My love for “Beats By The Pound” production made anything sound good, even Silkk The Shocker. No Limit made sure back then there videos were as ugly as the album covers LOL. No less I still loved bumpin’ the music. And before King Carter decided to collaborate with Beyonce, Silkk was on it. This post is so funny I’ll add a bonus track Silkk did with Hov and a video with Mya. Ugh!!!

This dude sold a few million records people. Gotta love this country.

Download You Know What We Bout – Silkk The Shocker Feat. Jay-Z & Master P,
can’t front Hov bodied it. And you can definitely hear the ghost writing on P. verse:

And flip bricks with ghetto chicks with no dicks
and nine’s with no clips and sides wit no chips
come fast or slow, from cheddar to dough
Master P, Silkk the Shocker, Jay-Z
the rowdiest niggaz you know”

Yea, he aint write that…

Somebody Like Me Feat. Mya

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