Whats The Big Deal About Drake?


So I haven’t written anything about my view on Drake cause I’ve been swamped. Instead of just writing off son I decided to download all his mixtapes I knew existed (Room For Improvement w/ DJ Smallz, Comeback Season & So Far Gone). I bumped them and my opinion didn’t change at all, son is Luke Perry warm. There’s no substance to the lyrics in my opinion. But frankly I didn’t have to make a post cause Def Sounds says everything I think and then some.

Addedum: Minus the Wale part. I liked dude but that Mixtape About Nothing was a let down

If this were basketball, I would compare him to Jamal Crawford, he’s good but I would never make him my franchise player.

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Trose ask: What do you think?
Sidenote: Yes this is another Drake post Phever! He is making some type of noise in this industry weather its good or bad. Thank You.

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