J Cole The Warm Up Trailer

I’ve seen many “trailers” for Music Videos, Albums in this genre but this is what a trailer should do. When you see the character you’re suppose to leave where your are physically and be transported to this place. The feelings of the character are to become your own. This here is DOPE, that’s all I can say. And this is the interview that tells the journey to this moment. (Damn…this sh*t is Dope). Warm Up!

Guess this is who Hov was talkin’ bout in Backstage huh

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Directed by BBGUN

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XXL vs. The Real
I Know Rap People (The White Edition)

It’s just a trailer but I’m patiently waiting. Just because they’re Jewish don’t count out our dudes from It’s The Real. I wonder if anybody will remember to mention Brian Austin Green or David Faustino???

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‘Slap Dat Trick’
DJ Scorpio feat. Ying Yang Twins x David Banner

DJ Scorpio

Fresh outta that inbox & into your computer boxes by dukes. The homie DJ Scorpio sent over the track & it’s fire. Produced by some guy named Montana Trax but he did his damn thing. Just the type of down south crunk to get you ready for this weekend.

Download link after the pause

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Maino Interview With Gyant Unplugged

Expect more & more of these interviews to pop up all over the net as that album release date approaches. In this interview with Gyant, he runs through a bunch of topics from his struggles, street life, all the misconceptions about him & who he REALLY is. I just can’t help to think that he’ll keep bringing up his past & somehow slip back into it. Hope I’m wrong though.

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Donny Goines Performing “What The People Want”

Here’s a new track off of DG’s The Breakfast Club album, dropping May 19th. Produced by the Ether boy & newest member to auto-tune, Ron Browz. Sounds like the track has a some lines that we should all sit & listen to.

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Bitchassness Outbreak Is Spreading

As we over at PMD are busy setting up for the GREATEST summer ever, we shall leave you with this video to bring awareness to the Bitchassness epidemic sweeping the nation. Like Diddy said, May 1st starts National No Bitchassness Awareness Month. If you know someone infected with this disease, our boy Phever will gladly air them out in his new segment. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming….

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Video: ‘On The Grind’ x ‘Open Your Eyes’
Sheist Bubz

A double video feature from Purple City’s Sheist Bubz. Apparently he’s staking claim to him starting a lot of the fashion these rappers are rocking now. My input: WHO CARES!!!! Still no major label deal but I guess these rapper’s don’t care much about that.

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‘We Made It Through’
Ali Vegas feat. Jon Connor x Termanology

Ali Vegas

Didn’t expect this song to be as good as it was but I was pleasantly surprised. Smooth, in-depth song talking about life struggles, which is something we can all relate to. I think one of the most important things about this track though, is that it’s produced by the Beat Brothers, which is comprised of Chris Webber & Dave Webber. Definitely didn’t see that one coming. Nonetheless, great song & a great beat to match.

Download link after the jump

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Macaco Vs Whoo Kid

Apparently Whoo Kid did some ishh talking to MMA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion, MACACO on Shade 45 radio. Don King set up the fight and here’s the footage. Let’s watch Whoo Kid pee blood shall we. LOL!

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Video: “I’m The Izza Kizza” – Izza Kizza

Na Na Na Na Punany / Banana Na Na Na Punany
Tsumani In Dat Punany / It’s Sunny In Dat Punany
Bahama Mama Punany / In Yo’ Colada Punany
Rampoppapompom, That Una Bomber Punany”