Melo X Killed It At Blender Theater

Even though I’m not ready to start my daily posting again I had to come out fo this one. Monday night my dude Melo X tore down the Blender Theater. This was my first Melo X show and it was definitely a site to see. He ran through several songs off the classic (yea I said it) Mustafa’s Renaissance. He even did the illest B.I.G. tribute during his set that was too ill. I usually hate when dudes do covers of other peoples songs (like the second act – shots fired yes) but B.I.G. would’ve definitely tipped his hat to the way he got the crowd to rock. If you don’t have his mixtape you need to grab it now. Here he is performing Keep The Faith with the talented Jesse Boykins III. After the jump Melo performs “Treat Her Right”. Big Ups King, you dun know!

“Treat Her Right”

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