Keeping it Ashy With High Times


My Dudes Ashy L Bowz are featured on High Times. The dynamic duo of Deeno Snuff & Triple X sat down with High Times to talk Music, Mixtapes & Marijuana. Like I told My dukes months ago look out for whoever we co sign cause they always do the damn thing! “You let the blind lead the blind but my vision is fine!”. Here’s an excerpt

Their independently distributed debut album No Lotion was released on Ash Wednesday of 2008 and features comedian Donnell Rawlings from Chappelle’s Show – better known as Ashy Larry. The disc has received national attention as well as nominations for the Underground Music Awards, Hollywood Music Awards, Unsigned and Independent Music Awards. No Lotion was also named a finalist for Rap Album of the Year in the Independent Music Awards.

Read the full story Here. Check out there latest mixtape after the jump

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