Jay-Z Does Free Shows In Support Of Obama

In this clip you can watch Barack Obama show how inspired he is by Jay-Z. The shows will be partly in tandem to get the young, hip-hop community out & voting, while the other half is to ensure Obama gets that extra push for the win. The first show will be October 4th at Detroit, Michigan’s Cobo Arena & the second will be on the 5th at Miami, Florida’s Bayfront Park Ampitheatre. Never get the free one in NYC though, damn.

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One Response to “Jay-Z Does Free Shows In Support Of Obama”

  1. S. MATHIS Says:
    October 4th, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    It just might happen. It just might happen. BLUEPRINT 3 bumping inside the white house. I guess the President gets his own special edition BLUEPRINT copies. Can’t have ‘nigga this nigga that’ playing in the oval office. How about JAY sends over a copy replacing the word ‘nigga’ with ‘OBAMA’ in each track. That should do it.

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