DJ Clark Kent is “Brooklyn’s Finest”

Here is an interview done with DJ Clark Kent entitled, “Brooklyn’s Finest”. I’d have to agree because this brother is crazy talented, has worked with some of the most important artists of our generation & he represents his boro like no other (except me that is). He basically shows off some of his kicks that none of us will NEVER have, hearing Jay-Z for the first time when J was 15 & says that Tupac was a great rapper but not the greatest Emcee. This dude breaks it down to the bare essentials & I’d have to agree.

*Side Note* The BBQ that Clark Kent threw this summer was a cool event that both Goat & myself throroughly enjoyed. BK FOREVER!!!!!

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One Response to “DJ Clark Kent is “Brooklyn’s Finest””

  1. Urswurv Says:
    October 2nd, 2008 at 7:05 pm

    Clark kent for commisioner of hiphop!!!! Good listen, he broke down shit ninjas dont really wanna hear: RAP IS ONE SMALL PART OF THE ENTIRE HIPHOP CULTURE IT AINT REAL

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