Leak of the Week: DJ Haze & The Game
Present Black Wall Street Radio pt. 5

The Game

Here is the first single off of that new Black Wall Street mixtape, DJ Haze presents Black Wall Street Radio, pt. 5. This track is produced by some dude named Cookin’ Soul, so I guess that now that we know his name he’s gonna be making beats like crazy. Still mad the original mixtape didn’t come out with the “so-called” Jay-Z diss. Guess you can make all the tracks you want about 50 but he’s still not dumb enough to go at the King. Gonna get the entire mixtape for you my dukes, til then check the post for the track listing.

*UPDATE* Thanks 2 King Shake, the mixtape is now available for download after the jump

1. The Game – Baggage Claim (Produced By Cookin’ Soul)
2. The Game – Nightmares (Produced By Tre Beatz)
3. The Game – Compton Story
4. Black Wall Street – In These Streets
5. The Game – Classic
6. X.O. – Put Em To Bed
7. Juice – Im So Hood
8. Clyde Carson – Tell Em’
9. Nu Jerzey Devil – Swagger (Freestyle)
10. Juice – Reflection In The Mirror
11. Clyde Carson – Smoke It Away
12. Black Wall Street – Get Lifted
13. The Game Ft. Kurupt – All These Hoez (Produced By Tre Beatz) (*BONUS TRACK*)

DJ Haze presents Black Wall Street Radio pt. 5

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