Brooklyn’s Own Preme


Now this is one dude that I can say has had more names, (Supreme, Presidential Preme, Da President, Hollywood Preme) & jobs than any other rapper in the game. All the f*ckery aside though, dude lays down some hot verses & tracks. I know I already rocks with duke but now I introduce Preme to the rest of the world. Look out for that ‘Election Day’ mixtape droppin Nov. 4th & the ‘Presidential Address’ album droppin Jan. ’09. PMD……WHERE YOU HEAR IT (DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN) 1ST!!!!!!

Brooklyn Baby – Preme a.k.a. Da President

So Special Freestyle – Preme a.k.a. Da President

I Put On Freestyle – Preme a.k.a. Da President feat. Kayla Bliss

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