Leak Of The Week: DJ Osk presents Pete’s, Rhymes & Life Mixtape (The Pete Rock Story)

DJ Osk presents Pete's, Rhymes & Life Mixtape front

Stumbled across a really good gem while looking for goodies for you all my dukes. DJ Osk has put together a mixtape that definitely is gonna be getting knocked daily. “Pete’s, Rhymes & Life Mixtape (The Pete Rock Story)” is a blend of beats by Pete Rock with verses from some of your hottest rappers. Even has a couple of old school R&B joints thrown in. Enjoy my dukes cause I know I will.

Track listing & download link after the jump

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“What It Do” – Madlib x Talib Kweli


Straight off that Madlib album WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip, slated to release Sept. 30th. This is the first single & I must say I’ll probably play this every morning on my way to work. Real laid back beat with one of BK’s best rappers doing what he does best.

Shout out 2 HT

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Redman Says It’s time For A Change

Reggie Nobles stinking ass wants you to get out and vote for Obama. And because I f_cked up and forgot to post a throwback yesterday I included it in the post my Dukes.

Via Enigmatik

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Jay-Z Launches New ‘StarRoc’ Label


This is starting to become a weekly thing with this guy. So now Young Hov has started a new label called “StarRoc” with a Norwegian songwriting/production duo named Stargate (Mikkel S. Eriksen & Tor Erik Hermansen). There’s a lot more details but seeing as I read it & you didn’t, I’m gonna make you read it as well. Head over to MTV for full details on the venture.

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Leak Of The Week: DJ Whoo Kid & Lloyd Banks
5 And Better Series – Return Of The PLK

It’s finally here my Dukes. Lloyd Banks is back, wait I mean PLK. This joint is gonna knock all weekend. Tracklist and link after the jump.

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Leak of the Week: DJ Haze & The Game
Present Black Wall Street Radio pt. 5

The Game

Here is the first single off of that new Black Wall Street mixtape, DJ Haze presents Black Wall Street Radio, pt. 5. This track is produced by some dude named Cookin’ Soul, so I guess that now that we know his name he’s gonna be making beats like crazy. Still mad the original mixtape didn’t come out with the “so-called” Jay-Z diss. Guess you can make all the tracks you want about 50 but he’s still not dumb enough to go at the King. Gonna get the entire mixtape for you my dukes, til then check the post for the track listing.

*UPDATE* Thanks 2 King Shake, the mixtape is now available for download after the jump

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T.I. On How He Got On

Clifford speaks on his Trail to success. Pun intended.

Via Heather

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History x Picture Perfect x Rise & Shine

From Sky:

I bring you Skyzoo Archives #6: “History-2005″ produced by J Dilla. Anyone who knows my story knows that i’m huge J Dilla fan and that I was even lucky enough to build with him repeatedly before he passed away. I am also real close with his family, both related and extended (ie: Illa J, Guilty Simpson, House Shoes, Black Milk, etc). When I did this track in ‘05, it was for my mixtape “The City’s Favorite” and was one of the stand out tracks. It’s me doing what I do back in ‘05. Some of you may know this beat from Dilla’s leaked beat tapes and forums. It’s one of my fave’s from his later years. RIP J Dilla, the greatest producer of all time. I present to you “History-2005″, produced by J Dilla. holla

Via OnSmash

Note: I also included the other two from yesterday’s archives that I forgot to post. That “Picture Perfect” is on repeat.

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Video: OX – Base

So much is wrong with this video morally but good in the fuckery ways. Baking Soda check! Cameos by Uncle Murda, Maino, Dude From FUBU and more.

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T.I. Says To Go Buy Paper Trail

Clifford needs to pay his lawyer fees yall. So if you heard Paper Trail and you like it, go buy it.

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