BARS Segment 19
Donny Goines Feat. Kel Spencer

Can you believe that I filmed so many off these already? I still got a few more to go before the grand finale (Bars Live at the Knitting Factory Oct. 28th) but until then the show must go on. Next up we have Kel Spencer. That name might not sound familar to most but I bet ALOT of you have heard his music before (picture Casper with a pen). Until next week people….

Also included a bonus track from Donny where he featured after the jump.

I thought this song was really dope tho and wanted to send it out to ya’ll first. If you don’t know my dude XV is doing is his 40 days and 40 nights series and featured me on one of the tracks. Here it is, along with some words from the man himself….

Funeral Of The Tape Deck (Produced by DJ Premier) – XV Feat. Donny Goines

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One Response to “BARS Segment 19
Donny Goines Feat. Kel Spencer”

  1. S. MATHIS Says:
    September 26th, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    PREMIER still got it! Dude did the beat justice.

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