Juelz Santana Presents Skull Gang
Takeover (Mixtape)

Skull Gang

So it’s finally here. Skull Gang, “The Movement To Move Wit”, is officially immortalized on wax (or cd, mp3 or howeva else you get your music these days). Honestly I could care less but there might be a few surprises hidden in there. I’ll let you guys decide & then you can tell me. Track listing & download link after the jump.

Shouts to Shake

1. Intro – Takeover (Juelz & Starr)
2. Aggy – (Juelz, Un Casa, Richmond Rabb)
3. Drama Fold – (Juelz, John Depp & Richmond Rabb)
4. Touch Me, Tease Me – (Juelz, Starr,Un Casa, Rabb, & John Depp)
5. B4 – (Juelz & John Depp)
6. Problems – (Juelz, Rabb feat. Lil’ Wayne)
7. Johnny Jerajian – Skit
8. Don’t Want You Back – (Juelz, John Depp, & Rabb)
9. Fire – (Juelz, Un Casa & Rabb)
10. Here We Are – (Juelz, Rabb, John Depp, Riq, & Tobb Cobain)
11. Relax – (Juelz, Un Casa, John Depp & Rabb)
12. What You Reppin (SKULL GANG) – (Juelz, John Depp, Un Casa, Rabb & Starr)
13. Body Like A Maserati – (Juelz, Rabb, John Depp, Starr & Un Casa)
14. Who Said That – Skit
15. Peepin My Swag – (Juelz, John Depp, Rabb, Un Casa, Riq, Deniro & Mo’ Betta)
16. Dropping Some Shit (Juelz, Un Casa, Rabb & Deniro)
17. Shawty Dirtbike – Skit
18. Taking Over Your Radio (Juelz, John Depp, Un Casa & Deniro)
19. Birds Flying In (Juelz, Rabb feat. Jim Jones)
20. You Gotta Give Me Some (Juelz, Un Casa, John Depp, Rabb & Deniro)
21. Outro – Make it Rain (Starr & Juelz)

Juelz Santana Presents Skull Gang – Takeover (Mixtape)

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