Remembering Tupac Shakur

No time for tears my Dukes. We are here to celebrate the memory of Hip Hop’s most influential person. Tupac left a legacy filled with greatness, drama, mystique and much more. I decided to leave you with this classic MTV Jams interview with Bill Bellamy. What’s crazy is he says on this interview that Faith is on the album but if you check the credits it has a different name. Suge doesn’t like to pay anyone…Part 2 after the jump.

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Busy Signal & Lloyd On Tim Westwood

Not sure why these 2 dudes were @ the show @ the same time, but it came out hot. Busy Signal went through a slew of hits & tore it down. Lloyd held his own & had a few spots but Busy clearly overshadowed him. I know I’m from Flatbush so I have an advantage over most people who don’t listen to dancehall (reggae) music, but damn Lloyd just seemed extra American while he was there. Maybe it’s just me but that was my take on it.

Part 2 after the jump

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