Rap Fans Have High Self Esteem

Jay Palms

Bought to bring it back my Dukes, No Duh!!!. A new study from researchers at the Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh asked over 36,000 music fans via Peopleintomusic.com to describe their personalities and matched it with their musical tastes.There findings showed that fans of rap music thought well of themselves and were extremely outgoing. I mean think about it, Hip Hop has some of the most outrageous people in it doing the craziest things. You have Lil’ Wayne kissing men in a homophobic genre and still winning. T.I. toting guns and George Jefferson strolling out of court. BMF saying on countless DVD’s they sell crack and not expecting to get locked. This clear ignorance to reality helps motivate me that I can anything. Gotta love rap music man. Meanwhile indie music fans had low self esteem, how bout you just go kill yourselves or listen to some Thug Motivation like Phelps.

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