“Don’t Get It / A Milli / Got Money” Lil’ Wayne
T-Pain & Leona Lewis Performances At VMA’s

Is it just me or this pseudo deep song from Wayne get’s a little too much props. What ever happen to deeper songs like Outkasts “Babylon”. The quality and depth of our music is falling and it’s ALL of our faults. People tell me I put too much on him and I’m a hater. Look ya’ll if you decide to put this man up so high I have no choice but to challenge him. A cocaine filled person chose as numero uno better have some John Lennon lyrics coming out of his mouth. We try to make too many excuses for this mess of a performer. I won’t say MC because I don’t believe he writes anymore. What’s going to happen when people start saying this is how we all think…oh wait.

Challenge: Anyone who can tell me what the song “Don’t Get It” is about and how it relates to Nina Simone’s “Misunderstood” without my brain exploding will be granted one internet wish. The Genie has plenty my Dukes.

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