Viva La Bobby Simmons!!!

Dallas is right MTV was always wack. F_ck BET too minus Rap City Tha Basement. When I would go home after school I would watch Flava Videos. You remember my O.G. Dukes it would come on right before the psychic’s waving the phones at the screen. I remember when “Hit Em’ Up” first came out and Bobby played it like 10 times straight screaming “Check It!!!”. Man I would watch that show every day after school. Props to those who threw up these classic clips on youtube.

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Max B. Explains The Wavery To XXL

My favortie rapper…say something.

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“Unauthorized Biography of James Brown”
Shaun Boothe

T-Dot native Shaun Boothe took inspiration from Esco’s inspiration. SB has come up with his own series of Unauthorized Biographies similar to the way NaS did for Rakim. 12 Icons, 12 Video in 12 Months. This should be interesting. Here’s the first installment, the Unauthorized Biography of James Brown…Enjoy. Peep the trailer after the jump.

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Video: “Say Hello” Izza Kizza

Hot…read why after the jump

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Maino: Up Close & Personal Trailer

Maino takes you into his life and shows you what it means to be MAino. I know that sounds like some copy that was sent by the label but I wrote that. Shouts to my dude Executive Nick getting his Scorcese on. I don’t feel all his music but I’m cosigning him simply cause he really gives a f_ck bout Brooklyn.

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“I Can’t Make It Home” – Devin The Dude


Hee’s the first single off Devin’s new album Landing Gear coming real soon my Dukes. Classic Devin material for yah to check out. Some might want to get elevated too.

Via King Shake

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Video: “4 Or 5 Ways” Alfamega

This dude actually scares me. It’s almost like he has death in his eyes. Shawty Lo What Up!

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Jeezy On Fat Boy Show On XM Radio

Jeezy talks about his early days coming up in the rap game. The Recession is in stores my Dukes, Let’s Get It.

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B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz
“Live In The Concrete Jungle” Album Snippets

BG & Chopper City Boyz

Me and my dude Romen Empire went over to Quad studios over a week ago to check out B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz new album. I really didn’t think I was going to like the album but I was sleeping, then I woke up. The group consisting of B.G., Gar (aka G.A.)and Snipe came through and performed the whole album for a room of videographers, writers and label execs.

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Devin The Dude Leaks New Spice 1 Track

(Thinking: Damn, I remember when I use to smoke like that….yea) Wake Up!!! Oh hey Dukes here’s Devin leaking a new Spice 1 track with himself on the help out. And since I’ve been away he left 2 other videos for ya’ll to enjoy.

Via The Coughee Spot

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