Suge Knight Takes Round 1

Suge Knight

This is the luckiest dude ever. Anything short of actually shooting a cop and he’s off the hook. This time he posts 19 grand for bail, after allegedly beating up his girlfriend and brandishing a knife, and he’s back on the strip ready to party. All he has to do is promise to be back in court Sept. 26. Yeah, that’s really gonna happen.


“The Death of Adam” News Report #3

88 Keys is back at it again with this 3rd installment. Not feeling the vibes of dude in the middle when they ask him to describe Adam.

Shouts out to OS

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Alfamega Speaks To At-Risk Youth in Newark, NJ

Here’s Grand Hustle’s next big thing, Alfamega, speaking to at-risk youth in Newark, NJ. He even gets C-Murder on the line to give the kids a few words of wisdom. I guess this dude does know all the real goons. Taking a page from T.I.’s book & doing the good citizen thing. I guess he knows he’s about to mess up.

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Fat Joe Calls Daddy Yankee A Sellout

Fat Joe

Now if this so-called “beef” had anything to do outside of politics, it would’ve never made it off of the PMD cutting floor. But because it involves my boy Barack Obama, I’ll share this with the bloggers across the world. Apparently Daddy Yankee showed up at a high school in Phoenix, along with John McCain, and endorsed him as the proper candidate for the presidency. Not to mention a fighter for the Hispanic community. Now I know there is a Republican party in Puerto Rico but it isn’t the same as it is over here. Maybe all that ‘Gasolina’ made the boy confused. All I have to say is this boy done messed up & now Fat Joe done called him out.

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The (Ex) King of Pop Turns 50

Michael Jackson(And no I didn’t put a recent pic up, his face now is just way to creepy)

Yes folks, today is that day. The dude who brought you Moonwalker the movie (VHS style for all my 80′s/90′s babies), turns 50 today. Michael Jackson is at a real milestone in his life, he’s officially mid-life & he needs to act like an actual adult. Let us remember him from his hay day by reminiscing on some of the better times.

Bonus flicks after the jump.

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Soviet Painter Makes Hip-Hop His Main Focus

Kanye West

So now we see Hip-Hop x Art mixing in wonderful ways (and I don’t mean that crappy re-done Andy Warhol painting everyone with money gets sh*t). Painter Alexander Melamid has made some great paintings of some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop, past & present. Enjoy the different outlets that Hip-Hop has made over these past 30+ years.

More pics after the jump.

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Dr. Dre’s Son Found Dead At Age 20

Dr. Dre

Damn my dukes, when it rains it pours. Dr. Dre’s son, Andre Rommelle Young Jr., was found dead this past Saturday morning. It saddens my heart that another young, black man had to die so soon. Check the link for the full information.

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