The Leak Vol. 2: The Inspiration Is Here!!!

The Leak Vol. 2: The Inspiration

Mickey Factz brings you Vol. 2 of his leak series. Now I’m sure most of ya’ll have been keeping track and downloading em all. But if you missed one, lost your ipod or just listened here you go packaged into one. As a bonus Mickey dropped a snippet off his album after the jump also.

***Grab number 36 my Dukes. It’s the first single of Mickey’s Debut album The Achievement

Track listing
18. Overdose Feat. Drake & Travis McCoy (Prod By. Omen)
19. Jumanji Feat. Nakim, Nymesys, Charlie Clips, Smoke DZA, Curtains (Prod By. H-Storm for Beatz Galaw Music Group)
20. Live Water Feat. Lauryn Hill
21. Good Money (Prod By. 9th Wonder)
22. Naturally Feat. Jade
23. Rockin N Rollin (Prod By. Precize)
24. 6 Letter Words (Prod By. Jet Audio)
25. Machine Gun
26. Rockin N Rollin Remix Feat. The Cool Kids (ILLFONICS REMIX)
27. Incredible (Prod By. Sebastian)
28. Keep Moving Feat. Fresh Daily
29. Africa Feat. D’Anglelo
30. Keys Of Life
30. We Aint Feat. Tanya Morgan (Prod By. AEON)
31. Sublime (Prod By. Precize)
32. Going Nowhere (Prod By. Precize)
33. The Rush Feat. Smoke Dza (Prod By. Ibe)
34. The Inspiration (Prod By. Black Friday)
35. Swahililand Feat. Jesse Boykins & Cocoa Sarai
36. Pick Up The Bass Snippet (Prod By. Precize)

Download The Leak Vol. 2: The Inspiration

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