Jay-Z & Will Ferrell Make Beautiful Music

Talk about a monster collabo. In this skit, Will Ferrell, as Robert Goulet, & Jay-Z (with Beans & Bleek), remake some of Jay’s greatest hits. Peep the guest spot by my dude the ram. Hilarious. Bonus skit with Will & Shaq after the jump.

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BB4 Tonight My Dukes, Be There!!!


Yea, so I’m getting errthing ready. You best come to eat all the food and dance wit a gallis.


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What You Thought We Were Finished?


Once again we came, we saw, we conquered my Dukes. Jamaica’s male team blew away the competition in the 400 meter relay taking the gold and another world record. Salute mi Dukes you deserve it.

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“SLU (Swagger Like Us)” – T.I.
Feat. Jay-Z, Kanye West & Lil’ Wayne


I WILL NOT d*ck ride this track at all. This is strictly a good press tool by having all these dudes on one track. I will not be fooled like the youth and some adults. That is all my Dukes. The Recession continues to pic up steam to me. Did I ever mention I loathe the word swag?

Disclaimer: Goat thinks T.I. is the better rapper but thinks that there are too many yes men in the studio for this project and no real opinions.

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“Chilly Boom” – Saigon Feat. Baby Cham


I remember early in Saigon’s career he’d add a little reggae influence. And as a yardy I wasn’t mad at how he did it. This track is fire. Baby Cham on the hook with Just Bleezy on the help out. That sound like Kardinal also on it…am I right Dukes?

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“Gangsta Party” – The Game Feat. Akon


Here’s an track slated for L.A.X. that got left on the cutting floor my Dukes. Word is this was suppose to be a single but the hook didn’t come out the way it was suppose to.

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“Let The Money Build” Freestyle – Fabolous


Yea Dukes but I don’t even have to tell you. Loso > Weezy

Via OnSmash

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