Joe Budden In Studio Session Live

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Straight Jacked From Eskay

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Video: “Like Ohh” Grafh
Feat. Busta Rhymes & Prinz


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BB4 Only Two Days Away!!!


So our annual Backyard Bashment is coming fast. If you’re trying to have a great time for FREE this is where you need to be my Dukes. I know a certain internet Celebrity x UMA Winner will be there too. So get your fresh cut, do and what not to bumboclaat. This one yah sell off!!!!!!. And in celebration of Usain Bolt and the rest of Jamaicas track x field team winning I will be busting the “Nuh Linga” at BB4!!!


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“BARS” Segment 11:
Donny Goines Feat. Phase One

This week I took it back to the Bronx to link up with my dude Phase One. That name might not sound too familiar now but that’s going to change shortly (I’ve had the privilege of hearing some of the upcoming album and you’ll see what I mean soon). Next week I got something real special planned for ya’ll. Until then people….

Also included a bonus clup Donny sent after the jump.

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Wale x State Prop Spittin’ “Cyphr” In Studio

It’s great to see State Prop. (well most) in the studio together spittin’ hot hyah. Siegel is definitely capable of crown status, now if he had the right marketing team behind him. I know I might get shot for this statement but if he had Puff Daddy (when I say Puff Daddy by all means I’m talking about the mastermind behind Ready To Die) behind him he could be. Track after the jump.

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Mos Def x Too Black Guys

Mos Def 1

Seems like BK’s own, Mos Def, has taken a small break from rap to be the new face of the clothing line Too Black Guys. I respect this clothing line for 2 main reasons, 1.) It’s black owned (remember the slogan from the late 80′s & early 90′s) & 2.) The clothing line actually has a meaning behind it. I say Pretty Flaco made a good choice on going with this particular line.

Shouts out to Hypebeast

Bonus pics after the jump.

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Throwback Thursdays:
“Woo Hah!!” Busta Rhymes

Man alot of you dude don’t give Bus his due props. Modi and I had a conversation about that yesterday so I figured I’d post this classic video shot by Don Hype. Bonus clip of Busta at his old High School Westinghouse battling with a student.

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Usain Bolt Bustin’ The “Nuh Lingah”

Here’s the dude Bolt bustin’ the dance “Nuh Lingah” after his victory on the 100 meter. Will switch out to NBC footage when I get it. Looks like Elephant man stepped into the booth too. I’m still partial to Mavado’s though.

Nuh Linga (Usain Bolt) – Elephant Man

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