Behind The Scenes Of Gucci Mane Bricks Video

My dude Gucci Sosa takes us on location to his new video. Features by Yo Gotti, Yung Ralph, Rich Boy, Attitude.

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Lupe Fiasco With Andrew Regarding Leaked Music

Andrew hits up Lupe about his classics leaking via where else but his own site. I gotta respect dudes who keep it funky . Yo man go cop The Cool if you aint got it my Dukes.


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The Game Oomp Camp Live Interview

DJ Jelly interviews The Game for Oomp Camp Live. They talk L.A.X., his family, artists he respects, “retirement” and more.

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“High Powered” – Scarface


Off the new album Emeritus.

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Killer Mike’s Sunday Morning Massacre II

Killer Mike takes us to church this Sunday and talks about the 10th commandment and how it effects rap. Here he goes in on “Jockin Jay-Z” track.

Via The Rezidue

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“Follow The Dollar” – Capone-N-Noreaga


What happens when my dudes get in the studio and start that Channel 10 sh*t. This is what happens my dude. This beat is Awky as f*ck.

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“Champions” (Olympics 2008) – Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah steps into the booth to pay tribute to the athletes in the 2008 Olympics. Where’s Beenie Man with a track for my Jamaicans.

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“Catch 22″ – Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo

My dude is on the mixtape grind or maybe solo album. That’s what I need a new Yayo joint my Dukes, who’s with me?

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Video: “My Life” The Game Feat. Lil’ Wayne

Good job by Jayceon and company for this video. Buck running through the store searching for relevance.

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NaS On Tavis Smiley Show

The boy Escosat down with Tavis to talk Nigger. Let’s see how he maneuvers this interview.

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