The Game Sets His Aim On Jay-Z

Don’t know how I missed this today but the boy Game is currently on a wild out spree. Here he is on Greg Streets show freestyling to the “Aint I” beat. Seems like he’s a bit salty about the post illseed put up that’s been making its rounds for a while. That’s not all my Dukes, I spotted a crazy interview at Shake’s crib. The boy Jacyeon talking wild reckless.

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One Response to “The Game Sets His Aim On Jay-Z”

  1. CarterG Says:
    August 15th, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Yeah whateva 50 couldn’t do 2 finish your career, J will definitely get done. You might’ve survived once but only 1 man has survived a verbal onslaught from J, (& ur not even near as nice as NaS). You better apologize on that next radio interview of yours & hope ur album still comes out as planned.

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