Who’s That Girl?

What’s goodie, people? This here is PMD’s post-it newcomer, Tracy G. (Trace works 2x as dope). I’m here because the monotony of testosterone entries needs a little breakage. In other words, I’d like to represent for all the double x carriers, as in, you know, girls. But don’t be quick to puff out your chest homie; my ass doesn’t plan on staining PMD with buckets of pink. All I care to deliver is entertainment, news, opinions and ridiculousness that may be of interest to you. So fall back sons! You might enjoy the ride.

Now really – who’s this girl?

I can’t even point one finger of hate towards Serena. The woman’s ripping apart all negative constructions that ever boxed dark-skinned girls as society’s uglies. Not to mention, chick leaves the courts screaming her name. Peep her in the Sept. issue of Men’s Fitness being dubbed one of the ‘sexiest female athletes in the world.’


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