“Gangsta” – Lupe Fiasco

Lupe in white

I wonder what the DAT collection looks like at 1st & 15th. Andrew leaks another classico Lupe from the Chi Town vault. Enjoy my Dukes, I’m about to go lay up and watch Step Brothers.

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Gravy Practicing “Warning” Performance

I know I know, I put this up before my Dukes. But it got yanked off youtube because of some hate. I figured it great promo, no?. Neway for those who didn’t see it here it is.

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“Fresh” Music Video Premiere 8.11.08


Harlem’s own, F-Mos will debut his video here Monday on PMD my Dukes. Directed by my dude Ben Hadley.


Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Interview Re-Up Gang

Pusha T, Malice and Ab-Liva hit up Cipha & Rosenberg’s morning show to talk the new album. I missed this during my hiatus but thanks to H.E.R. I see.

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Jay-Z & Mayor Bloomberg At The Summer
Streets Initiative Press Conference

Here’s the full press conference courtesy of OnSmash my Dukes.

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RockMeTV Freestyle Session
Featuring Sadat X and Mickey Factz

Sadat X, Mickey Factz and P7 go in on the “Byrd Gang Money” beat. There’s another dude but I really don’t know who he is. Part 2 after the jump my Dukes.

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Killer Mike & Big Boi Make Peace

This is crazy my Dukes. Here’s footage of Mike & Boi listening to I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II. I’m glad to see these dude cool again.

Via Smoking Section

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Random Play: “Shootouts” NaS


So as I bumped It Was Written and got lost in how vivid Shootouts was. My favorite line my Dukes.

Dip behind trees in fatigues and squeeze, dodge and weave / Hearing Jake retaliating, and Wiz was up the alley waitin’ / We breeze, jump in the ride, heard Pierre died / Internal bleeding inside, and ain’t been back since ninety-five

Cold my Dukes….Cold.

Shootouts – Nas

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“JumpStreet Hero” – A. Pinks


JumpStreet Wassup,
Welcome to WEEK 2 of A. Pinks’ “Will Rap 4 Food” DJ Series. For this sophomore segment I decided to bring the listener a little closer to home. This being the beginning of my re-introduction to the world, I felt it was necessary to take it to the grass-roots of my musical upbringing — to let yall know exactly where I’m coming from…JumpStreet. In such close quarters to Queens greats such as Nasir Jones himself (ask him about me), I not only have an obligation to pay homage to history but also to present you with the future. To do so, I’ve made my own rendition of Nas’ newest single “Hero.”

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Okayplayer Presents Theo: The Birth


Lot’s of buzz has been brewing about this dude and mixtape. Let’s take this journey together my Dukes and chat about it in the comments section. Track list and link after the jump.

Via Okayplayer

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