Double Dose Of Mickey Factz


My dude Mickey leaked a double dose for you music fanatics today. One is a favorite of mine and the others new to me too. Also bunched two interview links on Mickey for my Dukes.

Red or green pill. You choose… Or do you have to? This weeks leak I’ve decided to release 2 of everything. So before you today, I have 2 songs and 2 interviews for ya’ll to check out. The first song I’m going to leak is the original version of Rockin N Rollin’. This is the version I perform on stage. Get it right, Precize produced this joint.

Download Rock & Rollin’ | 6 Letter Words

Bonus Interviews
1.) Pinboard interview “Get to know the Factz”

2.) Greed Mag interviews Mickey Factz: About His Business

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One Response to “Double Dose Of Mickey Factz”

  1. Reason Says:
    June 5th, 2008 at 4:20 am

    That 6 Letter Words track is the truth. Maybe Nas is making people smarten up. If it starts with the entertainers, hopefully it’ll trickle down to the youth & we can actually have a MOVEMENT that’s worth somethin other than a group of niccas who rap & don’t do a thing & call their music a “MOVEMENT”. (ahem: Dipset) Good to know that rappers are taking a stand on what is really an issue within the world & their communities.

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