Juelz Santana’s Acting Debut In The Project

Julez goes for Oscar Wood in The Project. A tale set in the urban confines of New York City. Here’s a link I spotted at OnSmash for a mixtape promoting the movie. Synopsis and Trailer 2 inside post.

Alternate Trailer

Plot Synopsis

Justin Stager and Dana Murphy, white, young, and naive, move to Brooklyn to make a documentary about inner city life. The film takes a media-immersion approach: Dana follows inner city youths, Justin films NYPD officers on patrol, and John Healy, a hired cinematographer, documents the filmmakers.

The focus of Dana’s story is Thomas Coventry, a 15-year-old black youth trying to navigate his way through his strained family and social life. Thomas is poised to move up from the hardships of ghetto life, but his volatile friend, Nate, who is hell bent on stealing the spotlight, is keeping Thomas down.

Surrounded by violence and drugs, nothing comes easy to Thomas in the dangerous environment he calls home. On the flipside, Justin documents the everyday lives of NYPD officers Dan Masterson and his partner Alex Mora. Masterson is a seemingly good cop who puts his life on the line everyday.

However, it slowly becomes evident that views towards certain races get in the way of his duties. After performing a heroic act, Masterson granted some time off. He uses this time to uncover a plot, the origins of which, unmask the motives behind Masterson’s racist behavior.

As the filming progresses, violence and emotions get into the way of Justin and Dana’s objectivity. As the filmmakers grow apart their stories merge together, forcing them to become active participants in the underground world they hoped to observe through the lens. What was once considered an ambitious idea soon spirals out of control, with irreversible results.


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  1. RENART Says:
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    Hey, heres an interview with the director Ryan if you want more info:


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