I Need This Beat…

For some reason this post over at Just Blaze blog reminded me of this clip from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. I need a producer to get make me this beat so I can spit a sixteen over it. Did I mention I’m not a rapper?

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Diddy On Derek Luke Playing Him In Notorious

Sean “Diddy” Combs sat with MTV to talk about Derek Luke playing him in Notorious. Combs talks about being unable to be on set while Luke took on his role because of how eerie it is.

Via Prince

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G-Unit In Angola: 50 Sides Of The F*ckery

The Unit give ou another angle of there trip to Angola. See the sites sounds and even another view of the chain snatching incident.

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“Here I Iz!” – Izza Kizza

Izza Kizza

I was gonna post this simply off how ill the picture is. I listened to the track and I’m kinda diggin it. That’s simply the artist in me my dukes. Here’s Georgia’s own Izza Kizza coming from the South. He’s Timbaland’s newest signee to Mosley Music group. This ones produced by production duo Soul Diggaz and it is the first single off of Kizza’s upcoming mixtape Mr. Next Year.

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DJ Khaled Previews Tracks For Kanye & Cons

Here’s Khaled previewing the new single off his next album We Depressed!!!! nah I’m playing. Sometimes I think dudes bop there heads strictly cause there trying to be cordial. You know when someone asks you to listen to a track and you don’t feel like being blunt at that exact moment.

Related: Here’s the track he’s playing if you feel like downloading it my Dukes. Out Here Grindin’ – DJ Khaled Feat. Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Trick Daddy, Lil Boosie, Lil Wayne & Ace Hood

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re:VERSal – “Who’s Nice” Cam’Ron


As I reminisce to the Untertainment Sesame street tape day’s (first person to email me about that and explain what I’m talking about I’ll buy em an album) I think about how ill Cam was when he first hit the scene. Dude would crush bars and was hand picked by B.I.G. to be his solo artist. After Notorious passed it seemed like he didn’t get his correct start in this rat race of Hip Hop. At the end of the day Confessions of Fire is still my favorite Cam album. I even have a signed copy from his first in store where the Wiz use to be on broadway.

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Allhiphop Interviews The Game Part 4

Here’s another installment of The Game interview on AHH.

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Juelz Santana’s Acting Debut In The Project

Julez goes for Oscar Wood in The Project. A tale set in the urban confines of New York City. Here’s a link I spotted at OnSmash for a mixtape promoting the movie. Synopsis and Trailer 2 inside post.

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“You Done It Now” (Shawty LO Diss) – T.I.


Someone zipped this to me saying it was a track T.I. had out getting at Shawty LO. I for one hate subliminal shots unless there not so subtle. It’s off that DJ Dolla Sign King Of Bankhead mixtape. I still gotta share cause I’m with the Don King f*ckery.

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Get To Know North Carolina’s Own J.Cole

J Cole

My dude Modi sent me this new mixtape from NC native J. Cole for me to share wit my Dukes. Now before I threw it up I bumped it since lately we’ve been getting flanked with submissions from all over the world. Can’t post errthing but this here is Goat cosigned and certified.

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