“Jumanji” – Mickey Factz Feat. Nakim, Nymesys, Charlie Clips, Smoke DZA, Curtains


Here’s the 2nd leak off Mickey’s Leak Vol. 2 my Dukes!

“Rappers are like Mufasa, I call em Lying Kings”

2nd week of Volume 2 and I have a crazy track right here. Competition at its best. When you put 6 lyricists in 1 room and throw a beat on, there’s no telling what might happen. And this is no different to that statement. This track was very competitive in the sense that people re-wrote verses, some of us took inside shots at each other, we even told one dude his verse was straight garbage. All in all, its up to the people to decide who had the standout swag, best flow and illest verse. So once again, I present to the people: Jumanji! Feel free to google the artists and get familiar with them because they are all talented.

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Beanie Sigel & Freeway For Rolling Out TV

The Broad street bully and Freezer sit down with Rolling Out to talk Hip Hop, music, the Roc-A-Fella situation and more.

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Killer Mike For Mass Appeal TV Interview

Killer Mike chops it up with M ass Appeal for an indepth thought provoking interview. The dig into Hip Hop, Politics, Greatest Rappers, F*ckery in OUR people and much more. Definitely worth taking 10 minutes to watch.

Via Eskay

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“Get Busy” Freestyle – Busta Rhymes & Spliff Star


Busta & Spliff go in over Roots Get Busy track. Kinda hot my Dukes!

Via Dajaz

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Two Tracks Off D-12′s New Mixtape

D Twizzy

The Dirty Dozen reunite for the new mixtape Return Of The Dozen. Shake sent me a track from the mixtape featuring Royce Da 5’9″. Maybe we’ll see one with Slim, only time will tell.

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Royce Da 5’9″, Little Brother, Planet Asia, J-Ro, Rasco, Kid Vicious, Nironic Cipher On Stage

Via OnSmash

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“American Gangster” – Ya Boy
Feat. Crooked I & N.O. Capo


My lil’ man round the way put me on to dude and I was skeptical. Honestly dude can rap circles round most out in my hometown. Here’s a new track featuring Crooked I and N.O. Capo off Vega’s own September 7th. Who happens to drops a new mixtape every month on the 7th. You can download the track here and go to Shakes spot to get the full mixtape.

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Some Foxy Tracks For My Dukes


I know I haven’t covered any of Foxy’s court trouble. But really who care because its like the same sh*t. Foxy get’s in trouble, Foxy get’s bail, Foxy get’s in trouble again and so forth. I will however drop music from Inga though…

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Diddy Acting A Fool At Power 106

Diddy dumbin’ out at Big Boys radio show to “Bad Boy For Life” track. Question, where is Black Rob?


Two T.I. Interview’s For My Dukes


The boy Cliff has been making his media rounds to talk his new freedom and more. Here’s two in-depth interviews from T.I. speaking on his case, Barack Obama, Ludacris, Paper Trail and much more. He even addresses Shawty LO’s subliminal shots on “Dunn Dunn”. Got to love how he compares the two.

It’s like a dog barking and howling at the moon. Now, that dog don’t even know why he barking and howling at the moon. The moon don’t care, the moon is so far away the dog can’t touch the moon, he can’t shut the moon off. The moon just sits there and it shines REGARDLESS. And eventually the dog will get tired of barking and he must too…admire the moon as it shines.


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