Thursday Night At The Fights Inna Yard

After a weekend of Baby Showers and drinking I did stumble into a basement party on 98th and Saratoga. The music from this clip gave me the flashback to the basement. Here’s my native peoples getting it in at an event I will surely try to attend when I touch the road this summer. Here’s a excerpt from the piece sent to me.

So, after four weeks of wild entertainment at Kingston’s best kept secret, Thursday Night at the Fights, those who’ve been following the scores know that reigning champion Leo has been hard pressed to find a challenger. After he punched the chicken foot soup out of his last opponent a few weeks ago it appeared for a while that nobody seemed up to the task…until last night.

Enter Kong. A dangerous looking character with blood in his eyes, arriving by SUV and quickly escorted into the square by his ‘trainer’ at approximately 12:15 am.

The usual spectators suddenly found themselves scrambling for a better view as hundreds more caught word of the challenge and hurriedly made their way to ringside. Although Thursday Night at the Fights is never poorly attended, this was by far the largest turnout. People climbed higher up into trees and onto roofs as Leo’s crew started to make their way (with Vegas-like fanfare) through the thick crowd via the empty land to the back.


For the Full Story Thursday Night at the Fights Main Event: Leo Versus Kong

“Last Night / Gully Side” Mavado

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