Peter Rosenberg For Format Mag 5/4

Peter Rosenberg

Peter Rosenberg sat down with one of my favorite sites for a little Q&A. The interviews pretty funny and indepth, here’s a clip I definitely agree with cause I didn’t see the hype over the Grey album.

Format: You executive produced one of many Jay-Z remix albums, The Brown Album – a project that people said you take credit for “coming up with.” What’s the story behind that?
Rosenberg: [Laughs] Umm – I came up with it. I called Kev and said, “Hey I got these acapellas, we’re doing The Brown Album.” He resisted at first, but we convinced him to do it and it turned out to be a classic. It was hands down the best of the Jay-Z remix projects, no diss to Danger Mouse who is ill, but The Grey Album doesn’t hold a candle to Kev’s when it comes to pure listening value.

Word…Brown > Grey

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