“GloryUs” – Blu


New music straight from Blu’s myspace page my Dukes. Get familiar cause its GloryUs!!!

Via King Shake

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Juelz Santana On In My Hood: Harlem NYC

Mr. formerly known as bandana turned scarf tells us how he met Cam’Ron, the start of Dipset, state of NY Hip Hop and more (Introduces New Female Skull Gang Artist). The UK’s Dipest artists S.A.S. go in after the jump.

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50 Cent Interview On Big Boy’s Neighborhood


Curtis called in on Big Boy’s show to talk about Bucks demotion from G-Unit group. He also talks about his baby mama court issues, Lil’ Wayne & Fat Joe.

Got this boom draw from mi Bredrins at Smartenupnas

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G-Unit On BET’s Black Carpet

King 50 and Co. talks about the new album (don’t really like the new album title. Shoot To Kill was better). He also touches on the Young Buck dropped situation. He also says he wont talk about Fat Joe anymore until he sells 100,000 copies.

“I Get It In” – Nakim


Looks like it’s no stopping for the GFC movement anytime soon. Coming to you live my Dukes is Nakim. Be sure to check out his first official track produced by The Runner right here.

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Fat Joe Speaks On 50 Cents’s DVD Comments
Bout The 2005 VMA Awards Via Smack Tube

“3rd Degree” Scram Jones
Feat. Nino Bless, Saigon & Crooked I

Scram Jones

New music from Scram Jones and Co off his new Street LP, Untold Scriptures which will hit the streets next month.

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Flicks From Busta Rhymes Video Feat. Linkin Park

Here’s a few photos from Busta Rhymes new video “We Made It” featuring Linkin Park. This is the first single off Busta’s eighth solo LP titled Blessed. Here’s what Bussa Bus had to say about the video.

“It ain’t just about the ‘hood, it ain’t just about the suburbs, it’s about everybody. This is one of those songs that can’t be described better than touching the souls of the common people.”

More pics of the shoot after the jump.

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Gravy Just Might Pull It Off

Here’s some rehearsal footage of Gravy as the Norotious B.I.G. performing “Warning” with Lil’ Cease and Puffy (played by Derek Luke). Although this version is lo res (will upload hi res) but his mannerisms remind that of Poppa. LMAO at derek doing the Puff dance so well throughout. More of these goodies to come.

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Sexxx Sells…Just Listen!

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