They Tried To Get Max B.

We just got word from Miss Info’s site that some goons tried to take out Biggavel. Story says that he was at a used car dealership in Queens, he was targeted over his diamond-studded watch. But this story doesn’t sound wavy, but the truth will come out soon. This is crazy happening two days after the shooting murder of rapper Cavlar. You can read more here.

Buckshot @ SXSW Showdown With Stone Throw

Duck Down and Stone Throw trade lyrical bravado on stage at SXSW. Hot fyah for my Dukes! (Sean Price footage after the jump.

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T.I. George Jefferson’ Stroll Out Of Court

That boy T.I. surely is about to go and make tons of bread to re-up whatever he paid to get off. Here’s footage of him walking out of court and the D.A. speaking about his change of plea.

Related: MTV has the story with details about T.I.’s plea deal

Video: “Blu Collar Workers” Blu & Exile

Been waiting on this video since the album dropped.

GZA Shuttin’ It Down At SXSW

T.I. To Change Plea To Guilty Today
On Charges, Might Only Do A Bullet

Court TIP

Big lawyers and connections may have the boy T.I. only doing a year for his charges. MTV reports that Cliff has scheduled a change of plea today.

Citing two sources familiar with T.I.’s case, the AP says the 27-year-old rapper (born Clifford Harris) would be sentenced to 1,500 hours of community service — which he would serve by talking to youth groups around the U.S. — followed by about 12 months behind bars. The unnamed sources told the wire service that, as of Thursday morning, both sides were still negotiating the terms of the plea bargain.

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Remy Ma Found Guilty


Here’s footage of Remy Ma leaving court after being found guilty. Some of the charges she was found guilty on included assault in the first degree, attempted coercion and criminal possession of a weapon. Remy could face up from five to 25 years in prison at sentencing. more as this develops…

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Behind The Scenes Of S.A.S. Video

Dudes S.A.S. dropped the behind the scenes footage of there video for “Cheerio” from ’06. Kanye makes a cameo in the clip for a bit. Video after the jump.

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Footage Of Atempted Robbery Freekey Zeekey

Here the actual store camera footage of the night Freekey Zeekey was attacked. Clip also includes too made for street videos.

Throwback Thursdays:
Final Arsenio Hall Show Performance

I know this is not our normal Throwback of the week but definitely post worthy. Here’s the last performance from the Arsenio Hall Show in 1994. A ton for Hip Hops elite came out to send the boy off in style.
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