DJ Green Lantern TV: Bus-A-Bus

DJ Green Lantern backstage at Hot 97′s Winter Fest show in Long Island, NY. This final installment features Busta Rhymes.

Via OnSmash

“Ghost Writer” – The Game


Don’t know where this came from but hopefully it’s on L.A.X. cause its fyah. Download my Dukes!

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Re-Up Gang Freestyle LIVE On Greg Street Radio

Waiting for that album like Bub’s second season.

Via Re-Up Blog

Kendra G Tours Ray J’s Sex Bus

More Kendra G for you today. She sits down with Ray J to talk all the controversy in his life and music

Video: “Kill You” HI-Tek Feat. Push Montana

Off that HT3 instores now

Video: “Front Back Side 2 Side” P-Yae (NSFW)

Bronx native P-Yae brings you his new video that’s definitely not for the kiddies. Don’t get fired watching this at work my Dukes. Directed by Benedict Hadley

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Def Jam’s Secret To Success!

From The Real…and yes I thought the same. Cause Ego Trippin’ is waaaaaaay better!

Fat Joe’s Album Release Party: 1 Of 3

OnSmash has exclusive footage of Joey Cracks album release party at the Sofa Lounge, Bronx NY. Backstage, he pays homage to Slick Rick and KRS-One. Performance with the Blast Master also goes down.

“U Don’t Know” – Max B.


So I spent the weekend bumping that wave and then I get hit with some new Domain. Owwww!!!Get It

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The Other Banned Boondocks Episode:
Uncle Ruckus Reality Show