Gravy In B.I.G. Mode For Notorious Movie

Biggie Gravy

So as I wondered the internet I spotted some exclusive pics of the first day of the Notorious movie shoot in NYC. Gravy, whose real name is Jamal Wollard is seen here in front of the Virgin Megastore decked out like Poppa. Concreteloop has a bunch more photos for you to check out. With that said I think he can pull off the look but acting aint like rapping my dude.

“Royal Flush”
Big Boi Feat. Andre 3000 & Raekwon

Big Boi

New music from Big Boi off his new solo album coming this year. Cant say I’m headover heels (pause) for this one. 3000 goes in, Raekwons verse escapes and so does Big Bois. I guess I’ll just watch Skew It On The Bar-B

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Video: “Ride Out” Papoose Feat. C Murder

“Ya Niggaz Suck” – Jadakiss


New Jada for yall on this Good Friday my Dukes. Off that new J-Love mixtape Acknowledge The Takeover part 2.

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Video: “Paper” Pacific Division

Here’s a new joint from the dudes that brought you Women Problems. Enjoy Dukes (Track inside post)

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Video: “I’m Bout Money” Baby D Feat. DJ Unk

Where are they now is the statement that comes to mind.

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Video: “Get Riches” Guilty Simpson

New music from Guilty Simpson from his upcoming album Ode to the Ghetto.