Leak Of The Week:
“The Lost Sessions” DJ Nice & Joe Budden

Lost Sessions

Don’t kill me ya’ll, it’s been a busy day and I couldn’t write something so I copied what was sent: From the vaults of Jersey City’s Finest are opened up as the Infamous DJ Nice taps into the raw essence of one of hip hops most lyrical artists … “The Lost Sessions” features Budden at his rawest during the early parts of his career such as when he began working with DJ Clue & Envy as well as an early Fab, Stack, and former A-Team mob Hitchcock & Ransom … From rare freestyles to unfamiliar tracks, this is one for hardcore Budden fans all around.

01. Is This My Life Feat. Ransom
02. Blackout Freestyle
03. Five Alarm Blaze Freestyle
04. Heartbeatology
05. Nobody Loves Me Feat. Stack Bundles
06. You’ll See Freestyle Feat. Ransom
07. Nastradamus Freestyle
08. Interview Part 1
09. Boy Looka Here Freestyle
10. Banned From TV Freestyle Feat. Stack Bundles
11. Shit Hits The Fan Freestyle Feat. J.Conway
12. It Blows My Mind Freestyle
13. Breathe Freestyle
14. Not Your Average Joe
15. Interview Part 2
16. You Know What’ll Happen Feat. Stack Bundles
17. This Gangsta Feat. Beanie Sigel
18. Whats Good
19. One Two Freestyle Feat. Fabolous
20. Seen It All Before Feat. Stack Bundles
21. Reservoir Dogs Anthem Feat. Stack Bundles
22. Interview Part 3
23. When Animals Attack Freestyle Feat. Hitchcock
24. Shut’em Down Remix Feat. Geolani, Fabolous & Hitchock
25. Two Sides Of A Coin Remix Feat. Cambatta

Download The Lost Sessions – DJ Nice & Joe Budden Here

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“The Lost Sessions” DJ Nice & Joe Budden”

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