Video: “Reefer N Liquor”
Flip Gates, Tha Essay Potna & Gudda Gudda

“Drop” – Ying Yang Twins

Ying Yang

Where these dudes been….sh*t I guess it doesn’t matter since it sounds like they got one for the ladies. Download & Discuss Dukes!

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Sheek Louch With DJ Envy

Sheek chops it up with Envy about Joshua and Curtis. He speaks on some robbery where J Hood gets stripped like dude in New Jack City (3:11). If this is true then all I can say is Street Credibility All F*cked Up.

Westwood TV:
Lil’ Wayne Freestyle Live On Radio 1

Ur man talking a good one and he raps too!

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Video: “B-Boy Stance” Saint Sunday

My boy super producer/rapper Saint Sunday sent me his latest creation called B-Boy Stance. It’s a cool video paying homeage to era by a person who knows about unlike these young pups running around in acid washed overalls. Kill yourself!!! Aight, back to the video it also has cameos by P-Yae & Tashanna (who also has a video too, look below…)

Want to hear more Saint Sunday’s music, go here.
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“My Burner” – Mike Jones Feat. Plies & Akon

Mike Jones

This song would be better if Mike Jones wasn’t on it. His confidence is definitely lacking cause he actually says “this here is just a rough draft”. Sounds like Warner not letting you play double dutch with there money. Damn, seems like its a long way from Who Mike Jones huh. Still repeating lines Mike….tsk tsk tsk.

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“Props” – Hiroller


More Hiroller for yall this Wednesday on the Duke. My favorite line goes a little something like this:

U aint gotta bang pots, long as u bang cock, and stay fly like a helicop… ter

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“Let’s Work” – Trick Trick

Bad Man

“Touch & Go” – Joe Budden


Fuck around and this track might have me tipsy this weekend in a spot wasting bread. Fully co-sign and f*cks with this one.

Spotted over at Miss Info

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Video: “Why” The Camp

Here’s the debut video from Boston based group The Camp. This is the first joint off there album “The Campaign”, in stores 4/1/08 on CommonWealth Records.

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