Video: “Money Is A Weapon” Prodigy

Big Brother (Addresses Dipset Situation)
Freekey Zekey

Since we already know what has been happening with the whole dipset situation and it is a sad one too. But if you live under a rock and don’t know, Freekey Zekey is setting the record straight on the “Big Brother” beat. Partake!

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Throwback Thursdays: “Guess Who’s Back” Rakim

I remember when this came out back in 1997. Rakim dropped an ill album that November. Only problem is it would be heavily overshadowed by a new King from Marcy whose album dropped the same day.

“Monsta” – Rich Boy

Rich Boy

New music from Rich Boy off the new mixtape Bigger Than The Mayor.

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Snoop Dogg Chops It Up
With Funkmaster Flex 3/10/08

Snoop Dogg sat down with Flex to chop up Ego Trippin. He also demamds that he get a Grammy since he has never gotten one.

The Controversy Post Via Sub 0 DVD

I started this post to batch all the current beefs I’ve seen today. Better to put it all in one since its all the same jargon. Just the way I’m feeling today I guess. This first clip is Lakey and Prodigy venting about there beefs with each other. Enjoy?

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Snoop Dogg Performs “Life of Da Party”
On Conan O’Brien 3/12/08

The Big Homie Snoop Dogg tore down Conan with Mister F.A.B. & Too Short. Goood times to see these hip hop vets giving Mister F.A.B. this crossover exposure.