Video: “Lollipop” Lil’ Wayne Feat. Static Major

Fat Joe Freestyle 101 On G4TV

Video: “Jazzy Wayz” Guru

Rick Ross Interview With VBS.TV

Seems like its Rick Ross day on PMD huh Dukes. Well the Boss sat down with at A-Life to chat about all types of f*ckery. Who knew Rick Ross watches Oxygen television.

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“We The Best Out”
Hiroller Feat. Analyze & MECH™

PCE Hiroller

Hiroller drops another one for us featuring his PCE cohorts Analyze & MECH™. New mixtape coming soon for you Dukes.

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Flo-Rida Makes It Rain On Howard Stern

As you read this quote I will go read The Destruction Of The Black Civilization. Howards Sterns quote sums it up the best. “I have never seen more of a disregard for money this way where you throw it and just toss it away”.

Via My Smartenup Family

Rick Ross Interview

Ricky Ricardo

Rick Ross sat down with for an interview to talk Trilla, Miami, his documentary M.I. YAYO, and such. One of the high points in the interview is early on in. The Boss actually refers to Geese as amphibians. And Rick Ross:

Ah, it’s wonderful. I’m currently in New York City, it’s 20 degrees… it feels like it. My nose feels like it. But two days ago I was in my briefs, in the pool, palm trees, I saw like — not ducks flying over me, but something else. Some other… amphibian… yeah, they be flying over me. Not like a duck or a bird, but something else. Them long-necked things. Geese. Yeah, geese. They look fly when you fly by, you know what I mean?

Yea all dat. The Boss needs to hire a better publicist.

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AT&T Blue Room Interview With Snoop Dogg

Full interview coming soon

“Rest Of Em” – Mickey Factz


My dude Mickey drops another one this week and the metaphors gettin more awky every week. I f*cks with dude (pause) lyrically. BX stand up!!!

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Behind The Scenes Of “BET’S My Block”
With Juelz Santana & SAS

A day with Juelz…Pure F*ckery Fi True

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