Video: “Birthday Girl” (Unofficial)
The Roots Feat. Patrick Stump

Video: “Body Marked Up” Willy Northpole

Video: “Last Night / Gully Side” Mavado

From one of the best albums of ’07 Bush Kaaaaaaash!!!!

Directed by mi Bredren Little X

Video: “Lollipop” (Rouch Cut)
Lil’ Wayne Feat. Static Major

So yea, I’m not sure how long you will get to enjoy this but go ahead.

Leak Of The Week:
“Elephant In The Sand” DJ Whoo Kid & G-Unit

The Elephant

Here’s Curtis Jackson & Co. attempt to lure you all away from Fat Joes sales today so that you wont go and buy The Elephant In The Room. I havent bumped it yet but will do once I get on the train. Download & discuss.

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“Lollipop” – Lil’ Wayne Feat. Static Major

Lil Wang

As much as I cant stand Dwayne this song sounds like it will have a big club appeal. I am truly Rowdy Rowdy Piper.

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Video: “Wyclef For President” Wyclef Jean