Choke No Joke Vs. Dame Dash Round 1

You may remember director Choke No Joke from my condom post last May. Well Choke’s back but this time it’s for blood. Dude is salty and ready to expose Dame because he didn’t get any credit for the International Grizzly stuff on Block Savvy.

One Response to “Choke No Joke Vs. Dame Dash Round 1”

  1. Kdawg Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 10:27 am

    He is not upset for not getting credit. He is upset because Dame clowned him and claimed that he ran while all of the crew was fighting some French pimps for him. According to Dame, and everyone else there, the fight came about because the French pimp was trying to take Choke’s camera. Dame stepped in to protect the camera, and a fight ensued. During the fight, every one was accounted for except Choke. That is what this is about. check it out on, go to the International Grizzly scenes 8 and 9 for more info. You decide!!!

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