Daily B.S. 3/4/08

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We released these Wallpapers last year for Biggie week but our viewers have grown a bit. Here’s B.I.G. wallpaper done Andy Warhol style for your desktop today. Click on the image above to download. More goodies to come!!! And now folks the nuwz:

Jay-Z makes a phone in support to Barack Obama and Russell follows in tow. Damn, Oprah is really powerful.

So Snoop is dead and HBO wont leak the final episode of the Wire for me via OnDemand. What am I paying for?!?!?

XXL goes in the studio with Jim Jones where he’s recording his fourth LP. I didn’t know Capo got fired from Warner. I guess they’re salty they spent money on Byrd Gang and he skipped out last minute.

The Birthplace of Hip Hop (1520 Sedwick Ave.) saved from sale by Kool Herc and Co. efforts.

DTP re-signs with Def Jam after rumors of departure. I guess L.A. Reid realized he needs Luda’s sales to stay afloat.

40Cal. says Dipset Is Ova!!! SOHH has the full story over at the base.

50 Cent to walk out with Floyd for WWE wrestling match

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