Papoose Talks To KMEL Bout Fat Joe Beef


Papoose hit up 106 KMEL to talk bout this scrapping with Fat Joe. This funny part is it makes Fat Joe look even more guilty. He sounded like he was talking in circles and Papoose was spitting the truth.

Via Eskay

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50 To Release New Mixtape On The
Same Day As Fat Joe Album

50 Cent is something Fat Joe need not awake. He clearly doesn’t realize that 50 has too much money and alot of spare time. Now he has to worry about 50 giving away better material than he can put out for free.

Thisis50 Interviews Max Biggaveli

The Waviest is on a roll…

Fat Joe Speaks On “Beef” With Pap, Sort Of…

Here’s Joey Crack sort of talking around the situation that allegedly took place in North Carolina with Papoose. I guees this story will have to keep developing…

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re:VERSal – “My Downfall” Nototrious B.I.G.

reversal B.I.G.

As the time passes and Hip Hop becomes more simple Christopher Wallace seems to be more ahead of his time. Life After Death showcased B.I.G.’s lyrical peak (which was forced to be called a peak since his life was cut short I must add) and deadly skill. PMD will forever keep Frank White at the top of the game. Damn, every verse on this track just makes me hate the love Lil’ Wayne gets for his “lyrical skill”. We’ll always love BIG Poppa.

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OnSmash Interviews The Re-Up Gang Pt. 2

Here’s the second part to OnSMASH’s interview with Malice, Sandman & Ab Liva.

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Leak Of The Week:
“Million Dollar Baby 2″ DJ Lazy K & Max B.

Million Dollar Baby 2

Here it is folks MDB2 by the Waviest, Max Biggaveli. Dude is really on his street promo right now. Peep this track off MDB2 featuring Styles P aka The Ghost called Hawaii 5 0. The hardest out and the waviest on one track, picture that.

Download Hawaii 5 0 Feat. Styles P Here (Million Dollar Baby 2 Inside)

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“Sets Up” Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrel

Snoop Dogg & Pharrel

Snoop follows the formula with a new collabo featuring Pharrel off that Ego Trippin’ album. Download and voice your feelings on this certified next single.

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“Naledge VS. Factz” Mickey Factz Feat. Naledge


Mickey goes into lyrical battling with Naledge of Kidz In Da Hall. Can anyone say shots fired?

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Electablility: The Supreme Hustle

Super Hip Hop Tuesday is coming. Who will you vote for Dukes?

Via The Real