Vote For The Real To Do A Gangsta Grillz

Email The Real over at to vote for The Real Gangsta Grillz Edition. They already got my vote, don’t make me have to pull out my pistol.

Video: “Be Me” Maino

Beef With 50…Bad Idea

According to him of course. 50 sits with MTV and runs thru his enemies and compares them to Jay-Z’s own. Having his feet on the necks of his Hip Hop enemies seems to bring him much joy.

Video: “3RD QTR” Gucci Mane

New Gucci Gucci video shot by Hood Affairs TV. Some Gucci & Buffy the Body f*ckery after the jump.

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Russell & Green Lantern Talk Obama Mixtape

Russel and Green sit down with MTV to talk about the Barack Obama mixtape they got brewing.

“The light bulb just went off,” he explained. “[Russell] is going in; I been a Barack supporter for a long time. [Russell] was conflicted with what he wanted to do, and when he finally made the decision, I just hit him back immediately. I got the idea, let’s go and get everybody who’s professed their support. Let’s make it happen.”

“Rising Up” The Roots
Feat. Wale & Chrisette Michelle


I’m already sold on the new Roots album. Here’s some new music featuring Wale and Chrisette Michelle my Dukes!

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Footage Of The Roots “Rising Down” Jam Session

Peep the footage from the Rising Down jam session that went down in NYC last week.

“Oceans Seven” – State Property


So it looks like them boys from Philly are trying to work our there differences. Heres some new State Prop chain gang for you my Dukes. I guess everyone scrambling these days trying to figure out how to stay afloat. And please pardon the low quality pic, couldn’t find nothing with the dude together.

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Prison Bound P’s Ride To The big House

Here’s Prodigy taking his ride with Wifey in tow to the Big House. Hopefully P has a smooth time i the big house and comes home with good music. Hold your head my dude.

Cavlar Recording A Verse For “This Is My Life”

Here Cavlar in the studio recording a verse for a track called “This is My Life”.

Related: Mother of 3 slain at memorial for Cavlar in Brooklyn Sunday Night.